The Survivor's Toolkit is a collection of resources created by and designed for survivors of sexual trauma who are ready to begin the work of erotic recovery.

The Survivor's Toolkit offers you a wide range of tools to work with your trauma and transform your sexual experience over time.

You will find an expansive range of resources, interactive exercises and key concepts from the fields of sex education, psychology, mindfulness and somatics.

This is an invitation into self-compassion, hope and erotic possibility. This is an interactive map of many possible paths to more sexual freedom, choice and agency.

This is a love letter, dedicated to all those who have dared to explore what is possible in the aftermath of sexual violence.

If you have been wondering what is next after #MeToo, you will find actionable steps to begin reclaiming your sexual power and pleasure.

If you are tired of feeling constrained and limited by the aftermath of your trauma, join us to begin exploring your own erotic potential, on your own terms.

This is NOT a linear, one-size-fits-all course on recovering from sexual trauma, nor is it group therapy. You will not be asked to share your story or reveal any personal information.

The Survivor's Toolkit is an online resource with the tools, concepts and practices you can mix-and-match to work with your trauma and create a more pleasurable relationship to your sexuality.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a LIVING DOCUMENT and will grow over time as we co-create this resource in collaboration with professionals and community members.

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