Essential Spanking Technique: Find The Sweet Spots

The Sweet Spot: Where To Spank

You want to aim all of your spanks at the fleshiest parts of the butt. Striking any area that is close to bone will only hurt, it won’t feel erotic or pleasurable at all. Never strike the sacrum, the flat triangular bone at the base of the spine. Never spank the lower back- keep all spanks on the butt itself. The thighs also tend to be very sensitive, so in general it is a good idea to avoid striking the thighs until you know your partner’s body and desires inside and out.

Aim for the softest, fleshiest parts of your lover’s butt. If your lover is very thin, you may only have a hand’s worth of area to aim for. If your lover is fleshier, you’ll be able to spread out the spanks over a broader area. Just remember to target your spanks at the padded areas.

In general, the center of each butt cheek is a good place to aim. There is also a great spot on the bottom curve of the butt that feels amazing for most people. We call this the “sweet spot” because it tends to send a big vibration wave straight to the genitals, creating a very arousing sensation with each spank.

Over time, you’ll get to know your lover’s unique butt and what feels best for your lover specifically. The most important thing to keep in mind as you begin is to aim for the fleshiest areas and avoid striking near the bones. Use this general guideline and you’ll be able to begin exploring without concern about hurting or injuring your partner.

In the diagram below, the circles represent the fleshy area you want to aim for. The stars are the approximate location of the “sweet spot,” located in the bottom inner quadrant where the curve of the butt cheek begins. The Xs represent the areas you want to avoid while spanking, the bony areas and the sensitive inner thighs. Get to know your lover’s butt and over time you’ll know just where to aim your spanks.

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