Welcome to the world's most comprehensive course on Oral Sex!

Finally, an oral course that covers ALL bodies and the wide range of oral pleasures: from sweet & serene to wild & primal, we open up the full range of what is possible with oral pleasure.

This immersive, experiential course is designed to uplevel your skills in BOTH giving & receiving oral pleasures. Our interactive Pleasure Practices are designed to efficiently develop your skills, confidence & swagger.

This course is for you AND your lover - we cover ALL bodies and ALL styles of oral play - so you can find your own authentic enthusiasm for giving & receiving YOUR Best. Oral. Ever.

Let's Do It Together!

Join us for the group coaching cohort as we come together to dive deep into this course over the coming months with group coaching calls, community gatherings and our personalized support every step of the way.

More About The Group Coaching Journey:

Ready for mind blowing oral pleasures and life changing erotic confidence?
We designed this course to unleash authentic enthusiasm for Oral - on your own terms. We're going to level up our skills in both giving & receiving, while developing masterful communication strategies to experience to Best. Oral. Ever.

Live & Recorded Group Calls

We will be hosting three group coaching calls where we come together as a community to dive deep into the course material, answer questions and experience Pleasure Practices together, live!

  • Group Coaching calls are clothes-on, participatory experiences with a range of how you can choose to opt-in for your own privacy and comfort.
  • All calls will be recorded & posted here so you can tune in anytime.
  • Current Call Schedule (times may adjust to reflect time zones of enrolled participants!)
  • June 6 8pm EST
  • July 7 1pm EST
  • Aug 2 7pm EST

Pleasure Practices & Community Comments

As you explore the course, we will invite you into experiential Pleasure Practices - asking you to try something out, unpack an idea or practice a new skill. We will always give you a wide range of options so you can opt-in to what feels good for you. We will never ask you to do anything you don't wish to do, and you can always circle back and explore more!

Community Support & Skill Shares

We will also be hosting two special events during this journey.

  • Peer Support for the Orally Inhibited
  • Struggle to enjoy oral? Have major inhibitions you struggle with? Join us for a tender conversation and support circle.
  • Live Action Skill Share!
  • Have a favorite move you want to share? Want to share a win? Join us for a celebratory circle of skill sharing, stroke demonstrations on our beloved replicas and story telling!

These community shares will NOT be recorded

All resources shared will also be included in the course for evergreen access. There is no falling behind in Pleasure Mechanics Courses - lifetime access means you'll always be able to circle back and keep exploring with us!

Ready To Master The Art Of Oral? Join Us!