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Discover Why Foreplay Mastery Is Our Most Popular Online Course

We've been offering online education since 2006 and with 10,000 students in our online school, Foreplay Mastery is our most popular course offering.

That's because this course brings you our most effective techniques for maximizing arousal, creating a more passionate relationship and finally having the sex you've always wanted.

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Multimedia, Self-Paced Erotic Education In The Privacy Of Your Own Home

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  Rethinking Foreplay: Creating The Culture Of Pleasure
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  Mastering Erotic Touch
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  Breast and Nipple Stimulation
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  Clitoral, Vulva and Vaginal Stimulation
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  Penis and Perineum Stimulation
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  Orgasmic Intercourse & Beyond
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  Bonus Resources
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This course includes:

  • Video demonstrations of our proven erotic touch techniques for prolonging arousal & optimizing orgasm - for both of you!

  • Audio guides & conversation starters to help you explore the most common roadblocks to more frequent, fun and exciting sex

  • Game changing frameworks to recalibrate your relationship towards more shared desire and interest in sex

All of our online courses are self-paced in the privacy of your own home! We're here to support you as questions come up, always just a click away!

All courses backed by a no-questions asked money back guarantee, so you can explore risk-free.

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Common Questions Before Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions

My wife has orgasms but they never seem to be the earth-shaking, toe-curling orgasms that we hear about. Can this course help her have better orgasms?

Yes! Many people believe that all orgasms are created equal. But deeper down, we all know that isn’t true. The more you build up arousal, the stronger orgasms you will have. This is true for men and women alike. Most couples don’t spend enough time building up arousal. Instead they rush through sex, often following a script that seldom varies.

This course shows you how to spend time building more arousal, be more creative in bed and create more satisfying orgasms. Follow our strategies and you’ll not only find yourself in the mood for sex way more often, you’ll also end up having more satisfying and soul-shaking sex!

You talk about taking the time for foreplay, but I only stay hard for a few minutes. I like having sex – will I lose the opportunity if we take more time for foreplay?

You are not alone! Many guys experience the same anxiety about losing their erection, which causes them to rush into sex – often before their female partners are turned on and ready. This leads to unsatisfying sex for everyone involved.

Instead, you can learn how to stay hard and last longer in bed! There is no limit to how much arousal you can feel, and you can gain control over your erections and ejaculations so you have way more freedom in bed. Mastering the art of foreplay will reveal just how much arousal you are capable of feeling. We’ve also included our Guide to Ejaculation Control as a bonus resource, so you can enjoy the process of learning how to last longer and separate ejaculation from orgasm (so you can eventually enjoy the holy grail of male multiple orgasms!)

My husband thinks his penis is too small to ever satisfy me. I don’t think that is what is wrong with our sex life. What do you think, does penis size matter?

While it is true that some women have size preferences (and not all prefer bigger!) ultimately penis size has nothing to do with satisfying women in bed. We bet you didn’t choose your husband based on his penis size, right? Help him set those anxieties aside for good by learning together how to have more fun in bed and make intercourse more orgasmic for both of you!

Most women (about 75% by most estimates) don’t have orgasms during intercourse. The female body is designed to become aroused and reach orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation. The techniques in this course will show him how to give you deeply pleasurable and highly satisfying orgasms before you even get to intercourse. Most men find that when they are truly confident with their sexual skills, they no longer worry about penis size!

What if this doesn’t work for me?

We want you to have the opportunity to transform your sex life and have way more fun in bed, without any risk. If you are interested in trying our proven techniques for more arousal and a hotter sex life, go ahead and enroll in this course. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, just be in touch within 30 days and we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. All of our online courses are backed by our 100% Pleasure Guarantee!

We have bought sex books before and nothing really sticks. Why will this be any different?

We don’t know about you, but we find learning about sex through reading alone is a lot like trying to learn a new sport by reading about it. You may get some good ideas but that doesn’t help you score any points.

Our multimedia courses are designed to help you discover new techniques and unlock more pleasure no matter how you learn.

Our stroke-by-stroke video guides are easy to watch and efficient at showing you new techniques you can try right away.

The lessons break complex topics down into bite sized strategies so you can put them into practice immediately.

The audio guides are like pulling up a chair at our kitchen table, where we get real and give honest advice.

Have any questions at any point?

Email us and ask away and we’ll give you personalized advice.

Consider us your erotic guides and cheerleaders, here to guide you every step of the way along your journey of sexual discovery!

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