Date #1: Fantasy Vs. Desire

Welcome to your first date night!

We are about to go on an epic journey. We’ve designed the course to guide you through a series of explorations (both mental and physical) to master the skills of having kinky sex and try out a wide range of kinky experiences.

Don't worry, you will have the chance to get as kinky as you want to be. After completing all of the date nights, you'll have all the tools you need to set out on kinky sex explorations on your own. But just like a professional athlete doesn't just jump into the game, we don't want to throw you into advanced sexual explorations before you have developed the fundamental skills of kinky sex.

This course is designed to prepare you for extraordinary erotic adventures while minimizing risk, keeping your relationship intact and giving you the tools to succeed.

Take a deep breath.

We begin with the very intimate act of talking out loud about your sexual fantasies, desires and goals. Depending on your relationship, this might be super casual or a really scary endeavor. Many couples don’t talk about sex that often - leading to a lot of guesswork and assumptions. For a quick start guide on Kinky Communication check out the bonus guide included in this course.

In order to create your ideal sex life, you have to be willing to communicate with your lover about what it is you want and how you want it. In exchange, you must be open to hearing about what your lover wants and how you might participate in meeting some of their desires.

Ultimately, this is a powerful opportunity to create a more fulfilling sexual relationship for both of you. It is a win for both of you when it goes well. Keep that in mind as you proceed, and if it ever feels like you are not on the same team, take a step back and recalibrate.

This week, our first step is to start exploring your authentic erotic fantasies. Perhaps you already fantasize about kinky sex. Maybe your lover is the kinkier one and you've never explored your fantasies. Either way, kinky sex starts in your imagination. We'll start there and then bring elements of your kinky fantasies to life in your bedroom.

When you give yourself permission to fantasize, what turns you on? When do you feel most erotically alive? What gets your heart racing?

Ready? Let’s get started!

Download and print out 2 copies of the pdf below.

You can choose to follow along with the audio.

KSM Date #1.pdf