Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to the Kinky Sex Mastery Course!

We are so thrilled to have you on board for this adventure. We will be your guides and take you through a proven course of experiences to unlock kinky sex in your life. All will be revealed step by step.

This course is organized into a series of date nights for you and your partner to explore together.

Each date night is a unique experience that may include a mix of watching videos, listening to audio guides, interactive exercises and erotic explorations. You’ll receive a planning guide that will help you schedule your date nights and prepare for each experience.

In addition to the 25 date nights, there is additional bonus content to give you the option of going deeper into topics that interest you the most.

Remember, you have lifetime access to the course. You go at your own pace and can revisit the resources at any time. There is no "falling behind" in Pleasure Mechanics courses!

For many date nights, we provide both audio guides and a text version of the experience. We strongly recommend printing out the material and reading along while you listen. Print out two copies of the PDF files so you each have a copy to complete the interactive worksheets and make notes as you go. Trust us, there will be plenty of inspiring thoughts to jot down! Some couples print out the course on 3 hole punch paper and put it in a binder to keep all the course materials conveniently in one place.

Schedule your date nights in advance. At the beginning of each batch of 5 dates there is a planning guide to help you schedule and prepare for your dates. You are much more likely to follow through if you schedule your dates ahead of time. Remember early on in your relationship, when you would look forward to a date all week long? Enjoy that anticipation again by putting your dates on your calendar!

Please explore the date nights in order. We have designed the course to incrementally build your erotic skills, so don’t skip ahead! Throughout the course we give you lots of options to customize your date, so don’t be nervous. You’ll be led through this journey one step at a time. Our highest priority is your safety and enjoyment of this course.

Whatever your learning style and technological preferences, we want you to have easy and convenient access to the course materials.

We are always here for you at [email protected], we pay attention to every email we get from you. Let us know if you have any questions about how to get the most out of this course. We want you to have an extraordinary experience!

How To Best Enjoy This Course

Before we dive into this adventure together, let’s get clear on a few things.

Kinky sex is an erotic adventure. It is all about going beyond your sexual routine and exploring the vast terrain of arousal that lies just beyond what is known and familiar. No whips or chains are required - just a willingness to enjoy exploring the outer limits of your sexual pleasure. You have signed up for an amazing journey, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

This course is designed for couples who are ready to explore new erotic realms together. It is about creating more arousal, more pleasure, more intimacy and more erotic joy for you both. This course is NOT about non-consensual punishment, pain or humiliation. Intense sensation? Yes. Domination and submission? If it turns you on. Non-consensual behavior? No way.

You will have the chance to explore dozens of sexual adventures together, including:

◦ domination & submission

◦ bondage

◦ rough sex

◦ ravishment

◦ spanking

◦ intense sensation play

◦ erotic roleplaying

◦ and much, much more

We guide you, step by step, in building the skills needed for incredible kinky sex. You won’t jump into the most intense experiences right away. Trust us to take you on a journey.

The desire for kinky sex is 100% natural. Let go of any residual shame that may be holding you back. Recent studies have shown that almost everyone craves some element of kinky sex, and getting aroused at some form of domination and submission is a nearly universal experience.

This course is designed to unlock new erotic experiences for you, while keeping you safe and your relationship intact. Ultimately, YOU are responsible for your safety. Follow our guidance and you’ll have a great time, but know that we can’t be held responsible for your unique experience and outcomes. When in doubt, slow down or STOP, talk it out and proceed only when it feels right.

Any questions? Want to share your victories?

We'll have the comments open on most pages throughout this course. Ask us anything in the comments, or email us directly.

We’ll be right there to answer your questions and celebrate your success stories!